Our Mission

Exploration. Connection. Unity.

In order to experience true unity, we must first embrace our duality. Our separateness. The parts within us that are different. The people around us who are not the same as we are. We connect through exploration, curiosity and presence. We connect through appreciating our duality: the light and the dark, the quiet and loud, the fire and the coolness. In this state of appreciation, we achieve balance and harmony, within ourselves and within our collective consciousness. 


Our Mission is to foster a community that connects, that embraces differences, that strives for unity through recognition of how each person, class and style of yoga compliments the other. 

At Duality Yoga we will embrace this philosophy of connection and community by offering a variety of classes. Whatever your level of fitness may be we hope to give you a place to learn, grow, play, and be guided by a group of knowledgeable, engaging instructors. 

We are here. We are ready. We hope you are too, Waco!

– Amanda and Arielle