Our Classes

Hot 26

Using the traditional 26 postures of a Bikram yoga class, we crank up the heat and move methodically through this classic sequence. Strong, meditative, and balanced Hot 26 gives you the opportunity to see true progress as you move through  and master this set practice.

Hot Vin

A heated vinyasa class that gives the teacher and student a space to creatively flow with breath and movement. Build strength, deepen flexibility, and detox in this ever changing practice that allows your instructor and body to guide you fluidly.

Hip-Hop Heat

Let the music move you as Amanda creates a challenging, high energy, and fun practice. In this sweaty hip hop yoga class we laugh, occasionally bust out a dance move, jam together and always put in the work. Come to the best twice weekly Yoga Party in Waco!

L2 Flow

Level Two Flow is an intermediate to advanced practice for the yogi looking to take their practice a step further. A strong flow that incorporates deep stretching, advanced posture break down, and the freedom for creative movement. In L2 we increase the asana difficulty to grow, breathe, and find a more thoughtful connection to our body.


Vinyasa style yoga class created with all levels of yogi in mind. Wherever you are in your practice, beginner or advanced, come to the mat with the purpose of deepening the breath and  focusing the mind. As we move gracefully through the poses, we strive to awaken the body, build strength, increase flexibility and create balance. Options will be given, and freedom of expression is welcome. Listen to your body and make this practice your own.

Recovery Flow

We all need to give our bodies the time and space they needs to recover. Our Yin based Recovery classes allow you to tune in to the breath, soothe sore muscles, and relax an exhausted mind from a busy day and week with slow movement, deep stretching and a more gentle approach. Mindful recovery, so that you can get back to your busy life rested and ready.


Inspired by ballet; barre fuses yoga, dance, pilates, and strength training. By blending these exercise elements we create a high intensity and low impact class geared toward toning the legs, glutes, and core. Led by skilled instructors and set to motivating music you will be sure to find the workout you are looking for and have fun while doing so.


A class designed for mommas to-be who want to move in a way that supports their ever-changing bodies and growing babies. Here is a space to create connection; with yourself, your baby, and a community of other women who are in this with you. In prenatal yoga, we tune in; finding our inner wisdom, building strength and confidence, and learning to accept the support we need on this journey toward birth of baby and new mother.


Burn fat, build strength, and jumpstart your metabolism with this fun, 45 minute high intensity yoga practice. Dynamic bodyweight movements are combined with mindful breathing and stretching with the purpose of increasing flexibility, endurance and a sense of empowerment. Prepare to get sweaty.